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Did you know that Yoga has been long existed, since five thousand years ago?

According to the Indian philosophy, Yoga is the name of one of the six orthodox philosophical schools. The word, Yoga has many meanings in Sanskrit. Some said it’s derived from the Sanskrit root “yuj”, which is meaning “to control” or “to unite”.

yoga, anxiety, memory, mind, toxins, immune system, body weight

Now, the Western Yoga practitioners have been unveiled the secret of Yoga. By practicing Yoga exercise, you’ll get a lot of benefits, including:

1. Ease your anxiety;
2. Improve your coordination;
3. Enhance your memory/mind;
4. Reduce the bad cholesterol level;
5. Expel the toxins out from your body;
6. Strengthen your immune system;
7. Keep your body weight in the optimal level!

If you’re struggling with several lifestyle diseases, such as arteriosclerosis, high blood tension or obesity, you should give Yoga exercise a try!

We Can Now blame it On the PEDF!

February 23rd 2013 09:06
Attention, guys! This news might be a little bit shocked, but the scientists from worldwide believed that they have uncovered a key reason, why obese people have a higher risk of health complications, if they compare with people who have normal-sized!

This time, the specific protein in our body named “Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor” (PEDF) is the one to be blamed here, as it’s the main cell that secreted by fat cells!

For your information, the PEDF can only be produced by fat cells people, especially for those who having the overweight problem. The most shocking thing is the PEDF sends a signal to all the tissues in the body and hence, triggering development of insulin resistance. This amazing discovery is to be known as the main condition that leads to type II diabetes!

Besides that, the raising of PEDF levels is also linked to the happening of other complications, such as heart disease and high blood pressure.
It seems like we should keep our eyes in this nasty PEDF levels!


The Untold Benefits of Laugh

December 28th 2012 03:21
Laugh is a very simple and contagious process. When we’re looking on something funny or hilarious, our mind will sense it and we’ll begin to laugh. However, there are some people, who are very hard to laugh. Maybe, it’s due to their characteristics.

For those who having difficulty with laugh, perhaps this article might able to shed some lights on you! If you’re being struggling with the insomnia, then you should watch the comedies and laugh more often. It’s because laughter can help the pituitary gland release its own pain-suppresing opiates, which is known as the main substance to overcome the insomnia!

Furthermore, when you’re laughing, it helps to:

1. Increase your vascular blood flow (It makes us feeling energetic all day long).
2. Lower your blood pressure (It inhibits us from having high blood pressure).
3. Reduce our stresses.
4. Increase the disease-killing cells immunity, such as Macrophages and T-cells.
5. Against the body cells from instable mutation, (It prevents us from getting cancer).
6. Increase your memory and learning ability.

As you see, there are many benefits of laughter. Hence, from now on, you should open wide your mouth and laugh happily. Like the old saying, “A laugh a day, keeps the doctor away!”

The Unknown Scary Fact of Iced Coffees

October 30th 2012 10:06
It is becoming a trend, where the iced coffees are selling like “Hot cupcakes” in many coffee shops and franchises. Most people thought it’s OK to drink the iced coffees, especially in this sizzling hot summer!

However, the cancer charity had given warning to the public that some iced coffees contain as many calories as the McDonald big value meal did!

The World Cancer Research Fund mentioned that they discovered the largest version of Starbuck’s Dark Berry Mocha Frappuccino contains 561 calories. This amount is more than a quarter of a normal woman’s daily calorie intake!

Well, it’s unless, even though you’re taking away the whipped cream on the Frappuccino, as it still has 457 calories. Since most of the iced coffees are the combination of sugar, full-fat milk and cream, hence it’s not a healthy beverage, especially for those who want to keep their body in fitness shape.

We all knew that breast cancer is the No.1 cancer who killing more than thousands of women each year in all over world! Many researchers have been worked out many experiments to discover the main causes of breast cancer.

Recently, an oncologists team in California have been unveiled a shocking truth. They found out that a tumor’s hormone receptor status playing an important role in breast cancer occurrence!

According to the report, hormone receptors are the one to be blamed, as it tells cancer cells to grow in a woman’s breast. For your information, women with hormone receptor “positive tumors” can be cured through chemotherapy, unlike those women with hormone receptor “negative tumors”!

This means, women with hormone receptor negative tumors are a bit harder to cure from the breast cancer, due to the resistance of cancer cells to the chemotherapy!

Right now, the oncologists have tried to find the ways to overcome the problem. Hopefully, they’re able to discover the methods as soon as possible!

Guys, do you still remember the Chernobyl radiation event that happened in 1986? The Chernobyl disaster was the most horrible nuclear reactor accident in human history. In this incident, 56 people who worked in the nuclear factory died immediately, while more than 600,000 people who live nearby Chernobyl suffered from the radiation exposure.

According to the record, more than 100,000 people who getting the radiation exposure were badly suffered with fatal cancers!

In order to avoid the above incidents from happening, the researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have discovered a new compound called the "EUK-400 series”.

This EUK-400 series can be used to prevent radiation-induced injuries, including to lung, skin, kidney and brains.

The researchers are on the final stage, which they’re developing a more powerful BUSM pills that can be used to prevent ourselves from becoming the radiological terrorism victims!

The Magnificent Cancer-fighting Herbs

November 13th 2011 03:03
Our mother nature is a miracle wonderland, as it grows many useful types of plants and herbs during the hot summer!

Although we’re normally consuming different kind of herbs in our daily life, but we didn’t know that most of the garden herbs have a very high nutrition, especially they’re the good resource to fight against the happening of cancer.

Have a closer look on these ordinary garden herbs, as they’re simply marvelous!

Parsley – It contains apigenine, which is the natural resource to prevent angiogenesis (The growth of blood vessels that supply cancerous tumors). The apigenine inside parsley are able to cut off the blood supply to a tumor. It claimed to have the same function as cancer prescription drug, Avastin!

Rosemary – It riches with terpenes, one of the main substances to stop the cancer cells in tumor from continuously reproduce. The researchers also discovered that the terpene could inhibit the growth rate of cancerous cell.

Thyme – The oncologist has used it as the anti-cancer prescription, as it contains with thymol, which is have the similar function as terpenes did.
Furthermore, it’s also a very ideal antiseptic, antibacterial and even a great mouthwash too!

Mint – There’s a phytochemical substance in mint, where is effective to cut off the blood supply to cancer tumors.

Dill – A substance named, “Monoterpenes” can be found in dill. It’s a very strong natural substance, which is having the ability to protect the user from various types of cancers.

So, next time when you’re cooking spaghetti, remember to put this garden herb into it. Remember, “Have the garden herbs everyday can keeps the cancer away”!

PS: Pictures' credit go to foxy, organifacts and theepicentre.

Many nutritionists and therapists have been recommended us to take at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day! However, some people thought it’s easier said than done, as up to 80 percent of the people normally take two to three portions a day, which is only a half of the minimal recommendation!

Did you know that fruits and vegetables are the main sources of vitamins and minerals? Those people who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables daily, is definitely have a lower risk of getting chronic diseases, such as the Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and various types of cancers!

Basically, you can gain the benefits of fruits and vegetables, regardless of the forms of preparation!

By the way, have a look on the following list. Here’s a simple menu, and hope it might give you some idea on how to prepare your “Five a Day” portions.

1. A glass of fresh orange juice or watermelon juice
2. A plate of low calories salad as lunch
3. A plate of broccoli and beans
4. Raw strawberries as dessert
5. A small pack of dried apricots/persimmon for teatime

You can modify the above menu and turns it with your favorite fruits/vegetables.

PS: Image's credit goes to michelledobbyn.

People have many desires and if they’re giving the chance, they want to have the whole world (Which is impossible to do it for an ordinary person).

Some people always dreaming of having a longer lifespan. In order to make it comes true, they’ve trying different methods and wasted over thousands of dollars, but mostly getting nothing as a return!

A group of research team leads by Abbe de Vallejo, Ph.D., associate professor of pediatrics and immunology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, had discovered that the thymus, which is the main organ that produces T cells to fight against disease and infection, seems to degenerate with age!

Vallejo described if they can find the way to restore the function of the thymus in old age, then we might be able to delay or prevent the degeneration of the thymus.

The enzyme, which is given name as “Prgnancy-associated Plasma Protein A” (PAPPA) is the main reason, why we’re aging. If we’re deleting the PAPPA away, then we’ll have a longer and younger looks, as the thymus isn’t degenerate throughout the age anymore!

Isn’t it one of the most incredible discoveries that you’d ever heard?

Teen Drink Ban is enforced in Milan!

September 7th 2010 02:30
Back in awhile, a little town in Australia, Bundanoon has been voted to stop selling bottled water in town. Once the final decision has been confirmed, this small town immediately becomes the global spotlight!

Now, another city in Italy, Milan has followed Bundanoon’s step, but they’re not banning the water bottled water, but rather the underage teen from purchasing or drinking alcohol.

For your information, Milan is the first city in Italy, which is enforcing this rule on the teenagers, due to the increasing of underage involved in the criminal!

It’s hard to believe that one-third of 11-year-old children in Milan have a very serious bad altitude, such as public vandalism, drug abuse or robbery. The main cause is highly related with alcohol abuse problem!

If an underage teenager is caught for drinking alcohol in public, then their parent will be charged to heavy fines, which can be up to 500 Euros!

The mission of Milan is to create a city that free from alcohol abuse, especially for those who is underage. It’s definitely a beginning step to the big dream…

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