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The Goodness of Papaya

December 14th 2006 06:00
Extracted from,

When some hears the word papaya, they’d remember the pungent fragrant of a fully ripe papaya, orange and sweet flesh, and not to forget, endless black and rubbery round seeds. Tropical countries always love to use papaya have decorations for it’s beautiful colour and you can literally see papaya tries growing everywhere in tropical countries like Malaysia. It’s easy to plant and yet quite easy to be uprooted for it’s shallow roots, especially on sandy land.

But what’s more is papaya is more than meets the eye. Lets see what our dear orange coloured family of fruits can do for us.

(Carica papaya – Caricaceae family)

Papaya called also a tree melon because of its resemblance to a melon; this fruit grows on a giant herbaceous plant and not a tree. Originally from southern Mexico, Central America and northern South America, the papaya is now cultivated in most countries with a tropical climate like India, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The cultivated papaya is a melon like fruit with yellow-orange flesh enclosed in skin that ranges in colour from green to orange to rose. At the papaya’s centre is an oblong cavity containing dozens of small black seeds. It can be round-shaped, pear-shaped, or long like a banana.

The papaya is sometimes referred to as papaw, but this is not correct, as the papaw is a separate fruit that belongs to an unrelated botanical family.

What nutrition value does papaya have?
- Papaya is rich in an enzyme called papain (a protease which is useful in tenderizing meat) and other proteins. It is a valuable and delicious fruit.

- Papayas are also rich in several vitamins A, B, C, and D.

- Rich in calcium, phosphorous and iron.

- Excellent to eat in the morning for they have nutritional value that satisfies the body’s needs in the morning.

- Excellent food for children because it is important for their growth.

- The papaya is high in digestive properties and has a direct tonic effect on the stomach.

What are the health benefits?

- Papayas clean the digestive organ.

- Papayas are diuretic, laxative and refreshing.

- Helps to maintain the acid –alkaline balance of the body.

- Used in the treatment of stomach ulcers and fevers.
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10 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by KylieW

December 14th 2006 06:08
Who knew there were so many benefits to Papaya!!

Comment by Jessicca

December 14th 2006 06:19
Hi Kylie!

Great to see you around here! ^_^

Yeah, I didn't know that it has so many nutrients and after reading through I might as well compile and share with everyone. ^_^

Now I have more reasons to love papaya!

Thank you so much for dropping by!

Comment by LaurenD

December 14th 2006 06:31
Another mouthwatering post, Jessicca. Instantly transported to the Caribbean.

Thanks, I needed that.


Comment by Jessicca

December 14th 2006 06:38
Hi Lauren!

Good to see you around again. ^_^

How are you feeling? A lot better now? I do hope that you are getting better.

Later today I shall post the other colours of foods and if I see anymore great fruits to counter flu and fever I'll post them here. ^_^

Get well soon!


Comment by katyzzz

December 14th 2006 06:58
Lauren, hope you're feeling well soon, katyzzz

Jessicca, I am not a lover of papaya but did know of its overall benefit. To have a few more details is great, does it mean that our insides will be tenderised?

It's realtively expensive in Australia as there are such a large number of seeds inside adding to the weight and the skin, of course.

Whenever I see an article like this I buy some but it never lasts very long and I forget again. I should force myself.


Comment by Jessicca

December 14th 2006 07:09
Hi katyzzz!

Great to see you again. ^_^

Tenderised? I guess you can say that, but it does plays a healthy part to cleanse off your bowel system and you wouldn't know what nasty things are stuck inside. Urgh.

Yes, papayas can be very expensive here as well, because of the work needed for cleaning up the seeds, etc. That's why I prefer home grown papayas. You can get your little grands to urinate over them (little kids don't mind) and add water on it a little more and you'll be surprised how sweet the fruit is! LOL...

(That's what I made the kids in my kindergarten school do (the boys) when I was teaching in a small village as a teacher. Toilets for peeing is usually open air so we usually have vegetable path and tropical fruit trees in the kindergarten school compound)

Comment by Bryn

December 15th 2006 00:59
My favourite fruit of all time, up there with passionfruit, grapes, and a juicy nectarine .... is Mountain Papaya (also known as Babaco), although it is nigh on impossible to get in Sydney ...

Comment by Jessicca

December 15th 2006 02:06
Hi Bryn!

Thank you so much for dropping by. ^_^

Well, papaya is basically a tropical fruit, so it might be hard to get in Sydney. Unfortunately I can't just send fruits over to Australia. The government is so strict.

I can only say that whack them up whenever you get the chance to have them next time.

Comment by Hope

December 15th 2006 05:32
I love papayas so much so that the only soap I use is made from papaya

Comment by Jessicca

December 15th 2006 05:42
Hi Hope!

Oh wow! You are a true fan of papaya!

I used to use the shampoo made from papaya, now I am using Soy beans shampoo. ^_^

Great to see you around here. Thank you for dropping by!

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